ALAN'S FIGURE SKATING CAMP in the Czech Republic cz

From beginners to top level skaters + adult skaters
Alan's figure skating camp invites you to practise with skaters from all over the world at a well-organized and professional figure skating camp of 2023.

The camp will take place from July 3-rd to July 14-th in the Czech Republic.

In the small green town of Příbram.

Skaters of all levels are welcome, from beginners to elite level and adult skaters
  • 6 days camp / week 27: 3. - 8/7/2023
  • 5 days camp / week 28: 10. - 14/7/2023 with the possibility to buy 2 ice lessons the next day on the Saturday 15-th July

We recommend attending 2 camp weeks to make skating progress.

Basic Information about the summer camp

  • The camp is held in a sport complex with two indoor ice rinks, mirror dance hall, new dressing rooms and other background facilities for athletes.
  • Different accommodation options with short walking distance to the ice rink.
  • Nearby ice rink are located gym Oxy-gen with wide range of fitness and relaxation activities and Aquapark with indoor and outdoor swimming pool.
  • Příbram is old mining town located in the central region (61 km from Prague) with 33 thousand inhabitants.

Our professional team can offer services in the following areas:

  5. OFF ICE PRACTICE (dancing, power training, gymnastics, stretching)

Most appreciated

  • Sport background and facilities- ice rink, swimming pool and gym, which makes the training for skaters very convenient.
  • A lot of interesting choreographies and a lot of original costumes made at the camp.
  • Trips to the surroundings in your free time.
  • New pond/lake center: 5 min. walk from the ice rink.
  • Camp organization.

What makes our camp unique?

  • Camp participants are taken care of from the start to the camp finish, (pick-up and drop-off at the airport)
  • All family members can participate and stay together at the hotels
  • Accommodation is in comfortable rooms with reception and room service.
  • Activities for parents: hiking, sightseeing and trips

History of our summer skating camps

Let us briefly introduce the history of our skating camp.

My name is Alan Spiegl, I used to be a member of the Czech Republic figure skating representation team in pairs for many years. After finishing my  career and after 6 years of skating in show Holiday on ice I decided to work as a coach in Sweden.

The first idea to organize an international summer skating camp came in 2004. The main reason was first of all to introduce the tradition and quality of the Czech figure skating to Scandinavian skaters and also to show the beauty and attractions of the Czech Republic.

The first skating camp took place in the south of the Czech Republic, in Rosice u Brna, 2004. This camp lasted only for one week and with 25 skaters who came from Sweden. In the next year we tried to be closer to Prague because of more comfartable traveling between airport and camp location. We managed to find a nice place in Nymburk located about 45 kms from Prague. The camp was running for two weeks with 62 skaters, again only skaters from Sweden attended it. In those years it wasn´t easy to find an ice rink running also in summer period which would meet our requirements:

  • Quality sport background
  • Quality accommodation facilities with enough capacity and with short distance to the ice rink
  • Quality restaurant

In 2006-2007 the camp was organized in Slaný, it also lasted only two weeks with 68 skaters from Sweden and a great number of accompanying persons. For the first time there was a posibility of buying sport clothes from Sparow company and new competition dresses were made. Because of ever growing interest in our summer camp we started looking for a better place with a possiblity to accommodate more persons. Since 2008 we were in Rokycany, this place became very  popular and favorite and we stayed there till 2014.

The camp in Rokycany was a breakthrough:

  • Skaters from Norway, Denmark, Australia, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic attended it
  • camp lasted for 4 weeks
  • The number of the skaters reached 79, together 151 people including accompanying persons in one camp week
  • Adult skating
  • A lot of new costumes were made
  • A lot of new choreographies for programs were made

After seven years of organizing the camp in Rokycany we felt the need to change the location again. Based on positive reviews and recommendation we decided to organize the camp in  modern sports complex in the town of Česká Lípa in 2015. We constantly try to improve all the services providing in our camp and to meet demands and wishes of the camp participants. Satisfied skaters being ready for the season are of our primary importance. We also offer the posibility to take private lessons in order to improve individual elements or to improve the parts of choreography in new programs. The skaters prepare for the upcoming season under the leading of profesional coaches and the parents and friends can enjoy their free time according to their wishes and making various trips around the area, discovering the culture, history and nature of the Czech Republic.

Our camps always run in positive, funny and family atmosphere. Now skaters from all over the world are interested in our camps.

In 2018 there was the record number of participating countries: Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, USA and Canada.

From 2019 the camp is being held in the city Příbram.